rewired is a new independent brand from Frandsen Project

Frandsen Project designs, develops and manufactures lighting for hotels around the world. We have spent years perfecting a unique process of design, development and production and this expertise is transferred directly to the rewired brand. Thus we create a new brand with years of experience. 

We are uncompromising in setting high standards and we continuously improve all aspects of the world in which we operate. With any rewired product comes a level of quality, performance and value that will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers. 

rewired is the product of genuine passion, innovative production and intelligent craftsmanship.


The people behind rewired are passionate about developing and manufacturing products. A great love for Danish produced crafts and intelligent development is ubiquitous in the enterprise. Uncompromising approach to quality, choice of materials and production methods, as well as the people in and around the brand creates the passion that is the essence of our identity.


rewired products are created in cooperation with external designers. It is essential to rewired the lamps are simple, and there is attention to detail and material. rewired wants to stand out from other brands by not being dictated by trends but rather follow a gut feeling and frame an overall mood. An atmosphere where the focus on materials, details and precise design leaves the end user with an overall experience of quality and "exquisiteness".


rewired believes that Danish design and craftsmanship are impossible to separate. rewired has assigned
a number of old school craft specialists to help develop and refine our products. At rewired, these people are highly valued. With empirical knowledge and constructive approach, they raise each design to a higher level.


rewired manufactures in Denmark. Our choice reflects the values that made Danish design internation ally acclaimed for decades. Danish production and innovative technologies also generate the best values in the form of exceptional quality and flexibility. The Danish production, associated rewired, is staffed by strong individuals who has produced lighting throughout their professional life. In the production, there is continuous and in-depth quality control, which stems from the personal and professional pride in the products.